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Maximize the Life of Your Pans with Synova & Pan Glo

Industrial and commercial bakeries, as well as foodservice operations and restaurants, can take control of their oil usage and ensure optimal baking pan release life with high-quality products, reputable service, and a knowledgeable and collaborative sales team.

Wide Range of Formulas

Synova’s wide range of bakery release agents are formulated to provide optimum releases for many different products and are available in a variety of formulas including…

  • Allergen-Free
  • Clean Label
  • Gluten-Free
  • GMO-Free
  • Water-Based

Improved Application & Release

Synova’s AccuTech Pan Oiler provides the most accurate spraying technology of release agents through advanced design and recipe-driven programming.

  • Precise pulse width modulations (PWM)
  • Absolute positioning of spray nozzles
  • Integrated mist collector and tank level control
  • Self-centering pan guides

Pan Service Plan

Extend pan life, reduce scrap, and stay on budget with a continuous supply of high performing bakeware and coatings, resulting in optimal operational efficiency and product quality.

  • Review of pan inventory and account history
  • Determine pan use data including typical cycles per day or week
  • Estimate pan coating life based on products and usage
  • Develop budget based on recommended cleaning frequency
  • Create a schedule so you can plan ahead
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