Trough Grease

Trough grease from Synova is manufactured with high-quality, simple ingredients and is designed to assist in easy release of dough from troughs and other dough processing equipment.

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Dough Trough Grease for Your Bakery

Trough greases are designed to assist in easy release of dough from bakery troughs for smoother processing.

Our trough greases are manufactured in a state-of-the-art production facility using the latest and most sanitary methods for formulating, blending, and tracing, from the time the raw ingredients arrive to the time the final products are shipped.

Achieve Clean Releases

We source only the highest-grade ingredients and blend them to formulate our proprietary release agents. We work with you to ensure that, when used properly, they will provide the desired release every time. Our production facility was built from the ground up to ensure only high-quality products leave through our doors.